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RVS4000 and VPN issues. Do you want to wait?


I'm so tired of this.  A google search will turn up thousands of results but none that work.  You think something like this would work without issue.

I have an RVS4000 at a client's site and they need to be able to VPN to the router from their Windows xp/7 clients.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well, I configured the router, got everything working, created a VPN user.  I installed the Quick VPN client (downloaded yesterday), and it seems like it wants to connect but when it gets to the "Verifying Network" screen, it pops up with everyone's favorite error, "The remote gateyway is not responding.  Do you want to wait?".  Just like everyone else, at this point I can ping resources on the remote LAN, but I cannot connect to them via any means.  I am pulling my hair out over this. 

I've seen solutions such as disabling windows firewall.  Why in the heck would I want to do that on client machines?  Another solution was to just ignore the error.  Forget the fact that it has focus over all other windows and no client wants to have to deal with that annoying popup each time they connect.

My local network subnet is 192.168.1.*.  The remote LAN subnet is 10.0.0.*.  The log file for Quick VPN client is JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSES that has this issue:

2010/11/04 21:08:09 [STATUS]Tunnel is configured. Ping test is about to start.
2010/11/04 21:08:09 [STATUS]Verifying Network...
2010/11/04 21:08:15 [WARNING]Failed to ping the LAN IP of the remote VPN Router!
2010/11/04 21:08:18 [WARNING]Failed to ping the LAN IP of the remote VPN Router!
2010/11/04 21:08:21 [WARNING]Failed to ping the LAN IP of the remote VPN Router!
2010/11/04 21:08:24 [WARNING]Failed to ping the LAN IP of the remote VPN Router!
2010/11/04 21:08:27 [WARNING]Failed to ping the LAN IP of the remote VPN Router!

I don't mean to sound so negative, but this is just sad.  Something as simple as this should just work.  And based on all the results with the exact same symptoms yet no sound fix, I'm guessing I'm going to be stuck here.  Please someone tell me that there is a fix for this.  The only other choice I have if I can't get this working is to go with another vendor.  That's going to really suck since I already had the client buy this router and they've been down for a week now waiting on this.  Please someone help me out with this.



Hi Sam,

I'm sorry for your frusterations.

Can you please provide which firmware version and Quick VPN client version you are using?



David L. Barrett, Jr.

The latest one available on your site as of yesterday.  I updated the router's firmware and downloaded the latest Quick VPN client.  This issue is very

very well known across the web.  This surely has to be something that Cisco is aware of.

Hi Sam,

What I would suggest you do is to contact the Small Business support center at 1-866-606-1866 and have a case opened for you.



David L. Barrett, Jr.

Thanks, but no thanks.  I'm done with Cisco/Linksys.


I am also sorry to hear that Quickvpn has been giving you trouble, however I assure you Cisco has been aware of the issue and has been making changes to the Quickvpn software that have resolved many issues that have been plaguing it over the years. Many of the complaints you've seen on the internet involve prior firmware releases on specific hardware, or with previous software versions of Quickvpn. Only in recent months has Quickvpn been fixed to allow optimal connectivity with Win7 clients.

Before you shut the door to the many solutions Cisco has to offer, I again urge you to take advantage of the support available and contact us at 1 866 606 1866 and create a case with our experienced engineers. We will then be able to gather all details concerning your specific situation and be able to make recommendations to alleviate your issues. If we discover a previously unknown software bug, we can send it to the engineering team and they can work to remedy the problem in future software releases. Customer feedback on our products is what drives us to continue to improve the existing product, and without our customers contacting us to create service requests for those problems, they may not be visible to us.

I hope you are willing to give us a second chance and allow us to work with you and provide you with support on your issue.



Hello, I am sitting here in Austria and have exactly the same problem with a WRVS4400N. On the Windows 7 Professional 64bit partition on my laptop I get "Gateway not responding" and it seems that pinging on the local router ends with no reply.

I also uninstalled QVPN, made CCleaner clean caches and registry, rebooted and made again a clean install. It doesnt work. IPSec and IKE are up and running. Disabling Norton Internet Security 2010 doesn't help either. BTW, I can ping the router.

Interestingly, with the same laptop, same network but just the Windows XP partition selected it works perfectly.

I have tried to install ShrewSoft as workaround but it seems that the WRVS4400 cannot be configured for Remote Security Group Type "Any" which seems to be necessary to get ShrewSoft with a dynamic IP up and running.

As I am sitting here in Austria, I cannot easily call the American Hotline Number, I think.

Is there any help I can get regarding this problem?

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hey tint, attached is a support list of contact numbers for all areas of the world.  I hope this will help you get in contact with support for your issue.

Hi David,

I have interesting news. I did the following:

.) Uninstall Norton Internet Security 2010 with the Norton Removal Tool

.) Uninstalled QVPN

.) Run Crapcleaner

.) Rebooted

.) Activated Windows Firewall

.) Reinstalled QVPN

-> VOLIA. QVPN CONNECT in Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

It seems the problem is caused by *cens* Norton or somewhat with the Windows Firewall.

Funny, and after installing Norton Internet Security again, this time version 2011, and even after reboot, it works in Win 7 Prof 64bit.

Well, the trick really seems to be that QVPN needs to be installed before Norton.

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