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RVS4000 - Remote Security Group Type: Any?

I wanted to create a IPSec VPN Tunnel with the following Remote Group Setup:

Remote Security Gateway Type: "Any"

Remote Security Group Type: "Any"

Remote Security Group Type only allows for "IP Addr." or "Subnet"  is this an oversight?

All I want is to be able to access my home network from any network outside of my LAN.

Other Linksys VPN Routers have this option why was it excluded from the RVS4000?


If you want to use your network from any other place, I would advice to use the QVPN software for client to gateway connectivity instead of a full tunnel.

Is there an issue with using this setup?



I believe cchamor is correct, if you would use the QuickVPN client which is available free to dowload from our Cisco website you could stablish a VPN connection from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and the client software installed and properly configured. The gateway to gateway tunnel option works best when a tunnel needs to be consistently up in a home/office enviroment and usually requires admin rights on  every border router one either locations

in order to configure them accordingly for the tunnel to successfully stablish. If that is the case our devices can handle multiple gateway to gateway tunnels at once but it is best to configure them with exact ip addressess or if your problem roots at the fact the your internet provider consistently changes your public IP address then consider registering for a DynDNS configuration for stability and reliability that way your tunnels will not collapse even if their ip dynamically change.

Unfortunately many of us can not use QuickVPN due to it's limitations with Vista.  I would love an answer to the original post.

QuickVPN also isn't useful for mac users.

I am trying to use QVPN client, but still can't get the RVS4000 config right.  How do I set up a

Server to QVPN Client in the IPSec VPN configuration?   What do I put in for the Remote Group Setup, Remote Security Group Type:  I don't see any way to leave it open for any incoming IP which has the QVPN Client properly confiured

To use QVPN, you simply define the username/password of QVPN users in the VPN>VPN Client Accounts page.

QVPN Client will get the ike/ipsec policy automatically from the QVPN Server during the initial handshake.

The VPN>IPsec page is used for configuring a site-to-site tunnel.

Te-Kai Liu
Rising star

Configuing a site-to-site tunnel with ANY Remote Gateway Type and ANY Remote Group Type is considered not secure, so this is not supported in the Small Business routers. You can configure up to 5 site-to-site tunnels with known remote subnets.