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RVS4000 V2 - not able to login admin/admin - new out of box


I just bought a new RVS4000 from microcenter yesterday, and Its not responding to the default user/pw = admin/admin.

So I hooked it up to a computer (no WAN) to configure it b4 I connect it to the WAN - no luck

I can connect via web on, I get the Mikrttik routeros > administration page and there is a login box

     when I type userid=admin and password = admin. I get "invalid user name or password (6)"

     I tried admin / blank blank/blank blank/admin - nothing works'

I can connect via telenet and putty, I get a login prompt, It says:  Mikrotik V2.9.51 Login:   ,  but this login attempt also fails for the documented default login.

I tried factory reset - 30 second reset, but nothing was changed, I still cannot log in to administer the box.

I had an online chat with tech support, Nice fellow BTW, and he said to bring it back to Microcenter. I really don't want to drive 100 miles to do this if I don't need to though. I asked if I could try to reflash, and he sent me a link to the firmware utility which I downloaded ( I installed it, ran it,  and it said it completed successfully. It said erasing eeprom...programming....then verifying eeprom...Nothing changed. I still cannot login, it still signs on in telenet as sw V2.9.51. as far as I can tell, nothing has changed with the reflash.

Its responding, its accessable, I just can't administer it or reset the password. Any ideas?

Rising star

Hello WE C,

Thank you for posting. You are reaching a "RouterOS" device when you type Disconnect everything from the RVS4000 except for one PC. Disable any wireless or other network adapters on that PC and try again. Once you reach the GUI of the RVS4000, change the LAN IP to to avoid IP conflicts with the other router. Then plug the RVS4000 into your network.

Please reply and tell us if this helps or if you need further assistance.

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