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Setting up VPN on a C881-K9 router

I'm relatively new to configuring routers running IOS via the command line interface.  I have the initial configuration done and attached as a text file.  Please note this is a C881-K9 router and NOT the older Cisco 881-K9 unit.


This router is now on an internal test network, as is evidenced by the fastethernet4 WAN setup to and protected by a Cisco 2620 router/firewall.


My next step will be to configure VPN on this unit.  I'm willing to set it up as required if the unit were going to be attached directly to the Internet, but initially all I really want is VPN access from the test network ( via the Windows build-in PPTP or L2TP clients.  Later I can upgrade that configuration for more secure access, as needed.


I've read a number of web articles but so far they have only confused me more, probably due to my limited background in IOS.  It is not clear if I have to setup another VLAN for the VPN assigned internal addresses or I can use the existing VLAN2?  In any event the VPN client needs to have access to the devices on the VLAN2 subnet.  Some references turn on "aaa new-model" while others leave it as "no aaa new-model". And the list goes on ...


Any, step-by-step help, complete with some basic explanations, would be greatly appreciated. 



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