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Setting up VPN on RV340 & general questions

Dear Everyone,

I'd like to set up remote access to my network via a VPN connection to my RV340 router. I read the chapter which addresses this topic in the manual but unfortunately I didn't quite get everything. Do I need to purchase a specific certificate and license for this purpose only? I'd like to use Windows' built-in VPN client but if it understood it right I'll need Cisco's own software (?) I prefer a secure VPN method (with a certificate created by myself) but PPTP would do as well. 


I also have a few general questions regarding various Cisco equipment - ASA, switches and routers. How do professional network engineers find appropriate hardware when they're designing a new network infrastructure from scratch? Is there any specific search engine/product finder in which it's possible to select the desired specs, features, supported protocols, no. of ports etc.? Private consumers usually use "Prisjakt" (the most popular price comparison site in the Nordic countries) to find equipment that match their criteria and fulfill their needs. What about add-in interface cards (modules)? I can barely imagine that people solely check the datasheet in order to find matching and compatible modules.


Where do I obtain firmware upgrades? Do you have any official FTP-server where all firmware is stored?


The router was purchased on behalf of a business but will be used in a home environment that is consisted of 4 households. 

My sincere thank for your support and expertise in advance!