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Setup WRV210 in bridge mode

I have RMA'd my WRV210 router, and received the new unit, however I don't want to upload the old config in fear of it currupting the router. I previously had the router setup as a trapsnparent bridge where all wired/wireless LAN traffic got DHCP leases from the network, and passed all traffic.

I cant remember how to set it up again, and can't find any option to setup as bridge again. the LAN keeps showing different IP address and won't let me set the LAN the same IP address as the internet setup. stating: "The IP Address falls in the same subnet as your LAN IP address".

anyone got a link to setting up bridge mode for the router, all google searches keep stating to flash over cisco with DD-WRT to successfully use bridge mode. or cisco links disccussing the difference between router/bridge but not actualy documentation on how to change it.