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Site-to-Site IPsec VPN (RV220W & RV110W) and UDP SIP traffic

Dear community,


Kindly ask for your support with the following issue:
1) We have two offices: main and remote.
2) The offices are connected with each other via Site-to-Site VPN (RV220W & RV110W).
3) Traffic is routed between the networks without NATing.
4) In main office we have Asterisk PBX and IP-phones – VoIP works here just perfectly.
5) In remote office we also have IP-phones which connected to PBX in main office, but they work with issues: see below.


The issue: the phones in remote office drop the connection to PBX in main office. They can work perfectly till the noon, but then - drop the registration on PBX afternoon, even reboot doesn’t help them. … and finally in the evening – the register back again. And this is repeating every day.


Preliminary discussion with IP-phones Vendor support point on the possible troubles with UDP traffic between networks. It looks like the UDP traffic does not reach another network...


Hope for any suggestions!

In case needed – I can post here Site-to-Site config. Thanks to all for involvement

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