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site to site vpn between RV215W and ASA5510


We're trying to establish a site to site vpn between a RV215W (firmware version and an ASA5510 (ASA 8.2(3)).  The ASA currently has 5 other IPSec VPN tunnels running.  It sure does look like I've dotted all my "i's" and crossed all my "t's" with respect to both sides of the tunnel.  What I'm seeing from the 5510 is that there is some sort of communication between the two devices but there is no IPSec tunnel established and no traffic is getting beyond either device.  It shows the RV215W connected but 0 bytes Tx and 0 bytes Rx.

From the RV215W side of things it shows an IPSec SA not established.  The protocol is IKE and the encryption used is 3des.  Both sides have the same preshare key and are using the same settings.  From each device I can ping the public IP address of the other, but I get no further.  I believe I have ACL's set up to allow traffic from both internal networks.  (although I may not - I'm hardly a Cisco guru, just fumbling my way through this...)

Any guidance/direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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site to site vpn between RV215W and ASA5510


I think first of all you should update the firmware, who knows

ACL's have nothing to do with establishing vpn tunnel.

If you dont see anything in the ASA logs ( tunnel dropped or something ) then maybe check the IP's again in the vpn config.

Have a nice day,



site to site vpn between RV215W and ASA5510


I have found an article that may provide some assistance with your VPN. It has information on more advanced settings on VPNs for the RV215W. I hope that it may be of some use to you.

Advanced VPN Setup on RV215W

Hope it helps,

Andrew Mayfield