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SR520 connected to SRW248G4 without VLAN


Hi there,

we have an SRW248G4 that we are running out of the box (no VLAN's defined). There are machines on several subnets connected to it. This works without any problems.

We have an SR520 configured to be attached to the SRW248G4; it has the ip address.

When we connect it to the switch the entire switch locks down. It appears as though the switch suddenly wants to only talk VLANs on the 192.168.80.x subnet.

If we connect the SR520 to an old cheapo switch, and hook that up to the newer switch we have no problems.

Is there an easy way to change the config in the SR520 so it no longer meddles with the SRW248G4 ?

I am attaching the SR520 configuration.


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Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I see that you have all the ports on the SR520 set to trunking mode.  If you don't want to trunk VLANs between the switch and the SR520, just set the ports to access mode using CCA (this it the Desktop Smart Port mode).

If you do want to trunk VLANs (and route between them on the SR520), then you will have to have matching VLAN IDs on either side - as you mention, you are using VLAN80 natively on the SR520.

By default the switch uses VLAN 1 I believe, so as this VLAN already exists on your SR520, you could just add an IP address (from a new subnet) to that VLAN interface and communicate with the switch that way.

Hope that helps,


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