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SRP521W appears to be rebooting every few hours - is it RMA?

We bought a SRP521W as a replacment VoIP ATA and Wireless router a couple of months ago but we're getting some poor network performance and having dismissed just about every other cause we're taking a closer look at the SRP521w.

There's precious little in the way of logs on this thing so I'm not sure where to start.  I have it sitting on my desk and a couple of times a day I hear it click, I thought this might just be it reconnecting to the SIP server but looking at the status its uptime is just a few minutes so the click is obviously a reboot.

This clearly isn't normal so I'm looking to find out if this is case enough to RMA.  I've tried downloading the firmware but get an error on this site.

I'm trying to stay constructive but my patience is wearing thin, I thought I was buying a "Business" product, albeit a small business product, that's not the impression I'm getting from the product or this website.

Let me know if I can provide logs (and howto) or screen shots to fix this, I'm hoping it'll fix the very disappointing network performance too.


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Re: SRP521W appears to be rebooting every few hours - is it RMA?

Hi Richard,

Sorry for the late response to your query.

Where you able to download the latest code for the SRP521?  If not, I'd recommend that you do that first and foremost.

The code is available from: (follow the "Download Software" link.)

Remember to log in as admin/admin to upgrade the firmware on your device.

Can you describe the problem you are seeing with network performance a little more?  I presume this is throughput to/from the Internet, rather than between local devices?  Are the local devices wired, or wireless?

We have had some reports from a few customers that they see performance reducing as a function of time.  This particular issue seems to be mitigated by disabling UPnP - we're invesigating this issue at the moment.

If you are seeing issues, firstly, I would recommend raising a case with Small Business Support Center.  To help with diagnose the issue, log in to the SRP521 as admin/admin, then browse to the Administration/Remote Debug page.  Click the "Collect Debug Information" button and provide the downloaded file to your support engineer.

Hope this helps,