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SRP527W - 3xQ's [1: Reset my router?] [2: Block Caller ID?] [3: HTC hd2 Connection Issues]

Hi Forum,

Now that I've sorted the VOIP which is working fine, I have three additional questions that I was wondering if anyone had any experience about?

  1. I have noticed that I am having to reset my router maybe once every couple of days, as my laptop cant connect to it otherwise until I've rebooted the router.
  2. Does anyone know how to restrict within the Voice settings outbound caller ID, i.e. so that my number doesnt come up on their phone, is this something the router can handle or do I need to go back to the ISP
  3. I have a windows smart phone, htc hd2, and I've always been able to find a network and join providing the necessary credentials, when I touch the cisco-data network that has been discovered, it wont prompt me for a passphrase like it used to, is this some config issue with the phone or the router?



Software Version:   1.01.09(001)

Voice Module Version:   1.0.13(20100407)

Product Name:   SRP527W

Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee

Hi Ian,

Can you explain the first issue in more detail please?  Are you saying that the PC doesn't get a DHCP address (and therefore can't communicate), or that it does, but that the router is somehow non-responsive?  Are you connecting via a wired or wireless connection?

You should check with your VoIP service provider regarding withholding Caller ID.  You can enable / disable the Block Caller ID supplementary service via the Voice > User (1/2) > Supplementary Service Settings > Block CID Setting option.

Regarding the wireless question, have you configured the security setting appropriately for the cisco-data SSID?  If you used the set up wizard, that should have configured that appropriately for you.  If you didn't and you only enabled the wireless access point, you will find that the security settings are disabled - which would allow your handset to associate without credentials.