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SRP527W Maximum concurrent users

We have a client that is looking to provide connectivity for up to 800 users at a conference. They have a SRP527W available to them. Looking at the configuration we have been able to provide the needed number of IP addresses through VLANs each with their own DHCP scope.

However we are doubtful that the router will be able to process such a high number of connections (NAT, Firewall etc.) even though they will be using a specialised application that pulls static content via WAN.

Thus far we have been told that the unit has supported 150 user no issue, my I am guessing anything over 200 and you would start to see stability issues?

paolo liberati

Hi, we have tested the device with 50 users connected and 3 vlan configured, 1 SSID for each vlan, 3 dhcp "server" configuration, 1 sip client configured, 2 pvcs configured. Just 5 users were connected via the srp's wifi interface. The device completily fail. After one day if you tried to ping directly connected via ethernet the srp's lan ip address it start to answer from 800 ms to 1.6 sec. The web interface was really slow. The navigation was really slow. The strange thing was that the audio quality was ok. During the test we have produced snmp graph and the bandwith was completily free. From my point of view the device is able to handle 50 users but it is not able to manage the configuration we have done. The first day of work everything was ok. We have changed the srp with cisco 1721 and everything is working.
Model: SRP527W-U
firmware: 1.2.4(003)

Any other experience about that?

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Hi Paolo,

We have seen some customers facing similar issues to what you describe.  Our next maintenance release includes a number of performance improvements to mitigate this issue.  While 50 users is still on the high side for the SRP520 (the SRP540 would be a better fit - as of course would the 1721), it should still be able to cope with that load.  One caveat though - the integrated access point supports up to 25 clients simultaneously.



Hi Andrew,

is it possible to know when it will be available the next maintenance release?



Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee

Hi Huw,

The SRP520 series products were designed to meet the needs of a small office, having up to ~30 devices or so.  There is no hard limit - as you have seen, but milage will vary if used with higher numbers.  Certainly 800 devices would well beyond the design capabilities of the device.


Testing has begun on the final release. Should be posted before the end of the year.