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SRP541W Multiple WAN configuration question

Hi all,

I have an SRP541W with two ADSL modems attached to it. Both are running bridged mode with PPPoE connections to two different ISPs, (TPG and Telstra Business Direct). The TPG connection is far cheaper, and has a much higher download limit. Sadly, if I leave the router in "load Balance" mode for the WAN, it "prefers" the Tesltra connection because it's faster. I want downloads for movies/music, Youtube, Internet Radio, etc, to go through the TPG connection. Is it possible to do this in the router, or would I need to set up a proxy server, (or some other external device/application)?


Hello Robert,

I don't have one of these in front of me so sorry if some of this isn't exact.

There should be an option in the section where you specify load balance mode called Load Balance Control.

The default value is 1.  I don't have one in front of me to test it on, but try changing that number for one or both until it prefers to use the TPG connection.

I cannot guarantee exactly how it will load balance at that point, but you should be able to get it to use your preferred connection.  You might have to experiment a bit to get it set just right.

Christopher Ebert

Network Support Engineer - Cisco Small Business Support Center


Thanks Christopher.

I had found that and tried a value of 2, then 3. When it didn't seem to make a huge difference I decided to post the question here. I've reached the download limit for this month so I will try again after the 17th.

What I was hoping for, was the ability to somehow select traffic types to go through specific connections. I used to be able to do that on the Snapgear router I had, but it died, and MacAfee in thier infinite wisdom, decided to kill that product line when they purchased the company.

Not being a router guru, and never having done the course on how to program the Cisco IOS, I chose the SRP router in the hopes it would do what I need without having to sit a course that costs 3 times as much as the router. Sadly it appears my hopes we in vain.


Cisco Employee

Hi Robert,

You should be able to do this.

Try turning off load balancing on the Multi-WAN configuration page, then use the Policy Routing feature (Network Set-Up > Routing).  This will allow you to direct traffic to specific IP addresses or IP port numbers or traffic marked with specific QoS settings to either of your given interfaces.

Policy Route rules can be configured to only apply when the target interface is available - allowing a higher priority rule to fall back to a lower one if needs be.

Could that help?



That sounds more like what I want. Thanks. Is there an idiot’s guide to making these policies available anywhere?