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SRP547W replacement fan

Sorry to read that the product line is discontinued now. I hope to continue to rely on this little router for some time.  It has been and continues to be essential for my small business connectivity - both for voice and data.

I'd very much like to replace the fan within the unit.  The noise level has increased to the point where I can hear it several rooms aways now with doors closed.  As this is the only issue with the unit, I'd like to swap the fan myself.  Opening the case and extracting / replacing the fan is not an issue - other than obtaining the part. 

Mine is a Superred CHC3512BB-A which has three wires.  I believe the third wire might be an encoder since it appears the router whats RPM feedback from this 12V fan. The router will not boot without the fan connected.  Some attempts to source this fan via the internet failed and the -A vairant might be special. 

Anyone know of a source and make/model for a viable replacement? 

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