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Swapping out a Netgear SRX3508 for a RV320 Need help with a 1 to 1 NAT through a VPN

So I have a Netgear SRX3508 that was setup with this config before I was here. In the SRX you can NAT through the firewall settings.

I am attaching an Excel file with the summary of the  SRX3508 VPN and Firewall settings of course I have changed all the IP addresses to not my IP addresses for security.

The SRX was setup so that the VPN users could enter one of our external IPs from our block and hit a specific server. A 1 to 1 NAT through the VPN.

So I need to transfer this over to the RV320. I am pretty sure that I setup the VPN part. Now I am just having trouble on what to do with Access Rules for the Firewall as the SRX's Firewall is different.

Look at the Excel and if you understand it can you let me know what I need to do with Access Rules?

Do I setup 1 to 1 NATunder setup which I know opens every port to the outside to every machine, So then what do I setup as far as access rules to limit only access to the WAN IP group in the VPN and block the rest.

Or do I do everything under access rules?

Thank You

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