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The RV340W auto updated to "Signature 2" and very Unstable

The RV340W auto updated to "Signature 2" 20 hours ago suddenly, and I am sure that set NEVER Auto Update in the config.


The main issue is, the RV340W keep unstable, no response (no connection and web interface cannot be loaded). In the passed 20 hours, I power off and on this 2 times to reboot it and the booting success is by luck.


The Details:

 - 20 hours ago, the router totally no response;

 - Power off and on to reboot, no luck. Booting failure (power green, the LAN 2 blinking); 

 - Then try to boot it by Mirror Configuration (30 sec on-off x5), and booting OK;

 - Checked the log, the "Signature 2" was updated (the time matched to totally no response);

 - Checked the, there only show version 1 for download; (I just check it, the Signature section gone)

 - Then I reinstall (yes, it was updated in Sept) again the Firmware, all OK;

 - However, the RV340W no response again after 10 and 20 hours, need to power on-off and cannot booting success at first time.


My question is,

 - Why the config set to NEVER Auto Update, but the Signature going to update automatically?

 - Why I never see version 2 on support page but it going to the router?

 - How can I rollback it? I think it is very unstable.


You know that this is a Small Business Routers, I think it should be stable than any Home/Game use route, right? Personally I very very disappointed to this product.

 - The current one is a replacement, the WiFi out of function in a week on the first shipped one.

 - After that, this route keep unstable, I need reboot it per 2 months (the other old one EOL model, keep running over 2 years without any issue).

 - The WiFi not function good (weak and unstable when both 2 and 5 enabled) until the Firmware


Anyway, what can I do to get this back to stable?





Hi Jo,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have contact Cisco Technical Support before in previous case, and the result is I got a replacement after 1 month (after a lot of tests, re-config, and discuss with the technical support... and the local support is no support until I find your international team).

I am happy what the technical support do, however I don't have time to help to debug, discuss the case this time. I believe that you will pass this case to your technical support team if you think it is not a individual case.

Actually the purpose of this post is, try to see if anyone have the same case like mine.

Thank you for your response, I will find the technical support if there is no change on the case and no firmware update after I finish my project next May.



Hi, 100% agree. This forum is for sharing info and asking for help or support from other forum members.

For example any questions or issues I can solve I will post solutions here.


I merely suggest if you need immediate support because you face outages to call support because you will talk to a Cisco support engineer and you can track the issue. Tracking the issue in a support case is important if engineering needs to investigate and develop a sw fix. It will also show Cisco how many customers are actually facing issues. A service outage is a severe issue and the more cases are being opened the more pressure is on Cisco.