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Gordon Play

The RV340W auto updated to "Signature 2" and very Unstable

The RV340W auto updated to "Signature 2" 20 hours ago suddenly, and I am sure that set NEVER Auto Update in the config.


The main issue is, the RV340W keep unstable, no response (no connection and web interface cannot be loaded). In the passed 20 hours, I power off and on this 2 times to reboot it and the booting success is by luck.


The Details:

 - 20 hours ago, the router totally no response;

 - Power off and on to reboot, no luck. Booting failure (power green, the LAN 2 blinking); 

 - Then try to boot it by Mirror Configuration (30 sec on-off x5), and booting OK;

 - Checked the log, the "Signature 2" was updated (the time matched to totally no response);

 - Checked the, there only show version 1 for download; (I just check it, the Signature section gone)

 - Then I reinstall (yes, it was updated in Sept) again the Firmware, all OK;

 - However, the RV340W no response again after 10 and 20 hours, need to power on-off and cannot booting success at first time.


My question is,

 - Why the config set to NEVER Auto Update, but the Signature going to update automatically?

 - Why I never see version 2 on support page but it going to the router?

 - How can I rollback it? I think it is very unstable.


You know that this is a Small Business Routers, I think it should be stable than any Home/Game use route, right? Personally I very very disappointed to this product.

 - The current one is a replacement, the WiFi out of function in a week on the first shipped one.

 - After that, this route keep unstable, I need reboot it per 2 months (the other old one EOL model, keep running over 2 years without any issue).

 - The WiFi not function good (weak and unstable when both 2 and 5 enabled) until the Firmware


Anyway, what can I do to get this back to stable?




Gordon Play

From the first post to now, 2 more time no response, total 4 times no response in 35 hours.


Any help on this issue?

WiFi down again, 2 times in the recent 4 hours.



I have an RV340 that has been unstable since upgrading to firmware.  I'm half tempted to go back to the previous version.  This router replaced an old RVS4000 that was solid as a rock.  My Customer is having a fit.  We have to reboot the internet cable modem and router at least once if not more per day.  I may have to swap it with the old router while I'm gone for the next couple of weeks. 

Hi midpenpdc,

Have a try to disable the 5G Radio. This is help for me.

For this product, the only good news is that suspended the plan to deploy it to my clients and the company I worked for. Otherwise I cannot imagine the result of it...

Gordon, sorry to hear about your bad experience please contact Cisco Technical Support.


If you expect an answer here in the community please  keep in mind this is a Cisco user community board and relies on the expertise and helpfulness of other Cisco users.



I am aware, and I have an open ticket.  The Tech was supposed to set up a webex for Sunday, and never contacted me.  I'm calling today when I get to client site. I posted more to show this is NOT an isolated issue and there must be a real fix for it

Hi all,


Signature 2 comes automatically with firmware release or

I suspect it came when you updated the RV.

There was no other signature file available for this firmware release until yesterday.

Thx for highlighting the outage and the pain.

It helps us understanding customer impact.




Hi Jo,


Thank you for the information, now I know the applied time of "Security Signature" is time after I reboot the router. Is it will reapply after reboot each time?


The router going to no function 3 hours ago, and the only action I can do is reboot it by power off and on (that's why I know the what's the applied time mean because I checked it again). 


I just update the "Security Signature", see if everything OK.


But the way, can you share more information about what the "Security Signature"? I have no idea on it.




The security signature file has data for the security features ( optional license ) for IPS, Anti-Virus, ApplicationsID

It is only used by these features and not relevant when you do not use the features.

It is delivered as part of the firmware or can be updated separately.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jo,

Thank you for your information.

I think this is not my case because I didn't enable any related additional paid service on it.



@Jo Kern 

Yeah, I'm with @Gordon Play here, why not "share the solution" (if there is/was one), so that others finding this thread can self-fix things?
I'm a home-user, with my RV340, and don't have a "Cisco business account", it'd be completely "out of budget" to go that way, but the router is more-or-less "perfect" for my dual-WAN setup, otherwise.

Surely, it would benefit EVERYONE, SMB, home-use, etc, if we re-shared solutions here, rather than "everyone having to open a ticket", with a "completely private solution".  This seems counter-intuitive to me, in terms of support/solutions?


I'm also seeing "weird VLAN issues" after the sig-update, that came along with the latest f/w, it's VERY frustrating.  I guess I'll figure it out, eventually, but surely Cisco wants "all customers" to have a "good CS experience here", even if they can't afford a full-SMB account for paid-support?


Thanks for any clarification here.

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

Hi, as a RV340 customer you can call Cisco Small Business Support and just provide your serial number. You do not have to be a business. We provide Limited Lifetime Warranty and 1 Year Technical Support. However if you aheva severe issue I do not believe the Support Team will turn you away just because your device is a bit oldewr than 1 year. We want to have custoimers having a great experience.

Of course you can share all your experience here and also ask for help from others.
I merely suggested if customers have severe problems it makes always sense to open a support ticket. If Cisco engineering receives tickets of lets say 100 different affected customers for a specific issue that creates priority inside Cisco.



Hi midpenpdc,

Please share your case if you got the solution, It may help others have the same issue.