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Trouble setting up RV220W behind Comcast SMC gateway

Hi All,

Hoping someone might have some tips for me. I spoke with the Comcast gateway support team and they changed my SMC router to the straight gateway/bridge option. If I plug directly from my laptop to the SMC, I have internet connectivity. So I know that aspect is working. I have a Cisco RV220W router that I want to be between the internet/SMC gateway and my network. For the life of me, I cannot get the internet connectivity to pass through to the router. I've done the proper power on order numerous times. Tried variations just for the heck of it. And nothing. Am I missing a step? If I do the "wizard" on the router, it basically tells me it sees no gateway even available even though it is clearly there and plugged into the WAN port. I don't see any option in the router settings for me to specify like the DHCP server I should be reaching out (if there even is one). My understanding is I shouldn't need to as the router should just recognize it.  Should I be using a static IP instead? There is the option within the settings to set it as gateway or router. Tried both options with no luck. Completely perplexed at this point.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Te-Kai Liu
Rising star

You may want to try cloning the MAC address of your computer to the WAN port of RV220W.

Tried cloning both the computer and the broadband modem, and no luck. I spoke to Comcast and they said that the Cisco router should just pick up the connection automatically. And that is in line with what I have been reading on numerous forums. Anyone have a similar setup with a broadband modem and the RV220W that could give me some insight as to whether theirs just connected straight up or if they needed to do anythign additional for it to grab that connection from the modem?

When you connect your directly to the SMC box, what IP address do you receive from the DHCP?

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