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Unable to access RV042 after firmware upgrade

Unable to access RV042 after firmware upgrade
After upgrading the firmware of my RV042 router to latest version RV0XX_v4.2.3.14_20200528-code.bin from version 2.2 it's not working. After the upgrade I was not able to access the router using the web interface, then i did a reset, but still not able to reach (now with the standard addresses). It also not replying to ping. 



Any suggestions?


Re: Unable to access RV042 after firmware upgrade

We have quite a few of these in service and keep the firmware up to date - so lots of interaction with them.

Just a little experimentation might best help with this.


First, be willing to use a number of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.  I've not tried the *new* Edge but it's based on Google Chrome I understand.  And, watch out for cached pages.  If you get a failure once, the browser may decide to repeat the failure page instead of getting a fresh one.  Consider flushing the cache.


Next, the addressing can make the difference:

Things to try:

combinations of

https:// << this one most likely


ports 80, 443, 8008,8009,8443

So, you might try this:


and so forth.

Let us know!


Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to access RV042 after firmware upgrade


What is the DIAG LED status showing? Please check whether the NIC connected to RV042 LAN is getting any DHCP IP or not first. In case NIC is showing APIPA IP then you may check once by assigning a static IP on the NIC connected to the RV042 Router LAN port. Assign a static IP (apart from on the NIC from the pool 192.168.1.x /24 and then try to ping

And in case NIC is showing any other DHCP IP then please try to access the RV042 once using the gateway address. Please disable any other NIC in your system along with firewall during troubleshooting.

You may open a service request following the below mentioned link to troubleshoot further…