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Unable to connect with QuickVPN on Vista to RV082

Dear All,

We have an RV082 and we use QuickVPN for remote work. Our colleges with XP can connect with QVPN to our RV082 without any problem.

But the colleges with Vista are unable to connect. The connection is hanging on "Verifying Network..."

We are using QuickVPN the firmware on the router is 1.3.6.

I found several check list on various websites, i did so far the followings:

-Firewall is on on the Vista

-Certificate file is on the proper place

-User is a local administrator on the Vista

The wget (logfile) says:

2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]OS Version: Windows Vista
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Domain Profile Settings: ON
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]One network interface detected with IP address
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]Connecting...
2009/09/23 09:25:55 [STATUS]Connecting to remote gateway with IP address:
2009/09/23 09:26:01 [STATUS]Remote gateway was reached by https ...
2009/09/23 09:26:01 [STATUS]Provisioning...
2009/09/23 09:26:11 [STATUS]Tunnel is configured. Ping test is about to start.
2009/09/23 09:26:11 [STATUS]Verifying Network...

Please help, remote connections are crucial for us.

Thank you in advance,



Reset your router back to factory default and upgrade the firmware of the router to version Once you have completed the firmware upgrade manually configure the router with the settings you that you currently had, “Do not upload any existing configuration backups from the earlier version of firmware”. What I would like for you to do know is test the connection and let me know if you still have the problem.

If you still have the same problem take a look at the version of Vista Operating System you have and let me know if it is 32 bit or 64 bit? Also does the computer have any 3rd party firewall software installed on it? When you get a chance please supply some feedback with the requested information.


Blake Mereby

Dear Blake,

Thank you for your answer.

1. Client: The Vista is a 32 bit, and no 3rd party firewall software installed on them

2. Server: We have usernames and passwords setup on this router. We have WAN connections setup otherwise everthing is on the factory settings.

Please, is it absolutely necessary to lose all these settings?


Sometimes prior configuration from previous versions of the firmware can cause problems.

Here is what I would suggest:

1.  Save your current configuration.

2.  Load the most up-to-date version of the firmware for the RV082.

3.  After the firware is loaded, reset the router to factory defaults using the reset button on the RV082. (Hold this button in for 30 seconds with the router powered on.)

4.  Reconfigure the router with only the items needed.  (IP for WAN interface, and a user for VPN.)

5.  Test the Vista machine using QVPN (newest version), to see if you can connect.

6.  Once you know that VPN is working with Vista and the new firmware.  Reload your old configuration and try the VPN again.

7.  If VPN fails, you may have to factory reset the router one more time, and manually configure the entire router from scratch.




Good Morning,

The issues that you are having are related to Port 500 traffic unable to verify tunnel security.  I would recomend that you do a port scan and see if port 500 traffic is being blocked.  You need to use a port scan program (i.e. SHIELDS UP) to test this.

Be sure to have just the PC connected to the ISP modem, no ROUTER or FIREWALL on the machine and run the test.  This will show you all the service ports are open or closed.

Here is the link to the program

I also would recommend that you do the firmware upgrade first and then factory reset the unit.  If you take snap shots of the setting you can get it back up and running in a few minutes.  Old configurations can cause you some issues with the new firmware.

After you do this testing, then make sure that you are using the newest version of QVPN or call the STAC for testing.


Good Morning,

Not sure about the windows errors, be sure to get the latest service packs.

If this does not fix the problems, then call Microsoft Support

Have you tried the built in VPN client in MS and see if it will connect to the router.


Thank you very much,  i was looking in my laptop and i have Windows vista Service pack 2 is this ok? and another cuestion there is a way to create a vpn group tunel with more than 1 user? cause a I have Cyberoam VPN Client and i did a vpn with my laptop, and it works very good, but i dont kwon how to add more clients to this group.

Thank you very much

I sorry againg about my english i hope can understand what i said

Good Afternoon,

I would recommend that you call into the SBSC and let one of the engineers work with you.

They are available 24 * 7 for your call


Have a great weekend :)