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Unable to get registry key for protectlink in cisco rvs4000


I need help. Just a few weeks ago I purchased a rvs4000 router. On that small business device is a product called protectlink. To get an activation key, you need a registration key first. That is normal in the package. However, my wify like to cleanup up and throws stuff away that she should not do. So, I lost the registration key.

It is impossible to key a new registration key. The webstore does not have them. They are in the package and will not open an other one. Cisco (if you can get passed the don't have a support contract...go away statement) does not even know that they have this product. Registration keys, never heard of it. But you get the normal ... we can't help you, go to the webstore or trendmicro.... And that after the statement, we don't know that product. How do you know that this is a trenmicro piece of software.....

Well call trendmicro.... Same answer, we can't help you. Go to Cisco or the Websore. I realy feel like a dog trying to get his tail.

So, last hope of some progress I post this on the community group for small business devices. Maybe this will help. If some one can help me getting a registration key for a cisco small business router rvs4000 to obtain an activation code for the cisco/trensmicro protectlink product.... then please send it

Kind regard, Rembrandt

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Unable to get registry key for protectlink in cisco rvs4000

I want to inform you that the rvs4000 router does not come with the protectlink license. Protectlink is a service that you can purchase from a resseller or you can also get the trial license from the cisco website to test it our before you buy it for free. I am going to provide you with the link for the trial:

The second link is to find a trend micro reseller: