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Use 5G iPhone Hotspot as WAN for RV345

I'm on the new Verizon plans that include access to 5G. To my knowledge, they include unlimited 5G mobile hotspot on plans such as Do More or Get More Unlimited (if anyone out there is familiar with the new plans and can confirm that for me, that'd be great).


I'm curious as what it would involve to connect a 5G iPhone's Mobile Hotspot feature to the RV345 as a primary WAN/Internet connection (would I need some form of WAP or would it work over USB?).


My ISP here is so unreliable, and ultimately I'm interested in Verizon 5G Home/5G fixed Small Business once they officially offer it here. In the meantime, we're the next county that's going to get Verizon mobile 5G (Verizon is the most reliable provider in my area), so if there's a way I could rig up an unlimited 5G Mobile Hotspot from a 5G iPhone to power my Internet connection, I'd be willing to look into it just so I could get off my ISP fast.



Nathan Parker
Hall of Fame Community Legend

What are you trying to achieve/accomplish?  Are you intending to use your phone as a "gateway" (to the internet) or you intending to use your RV345 as the internet gateway? 

Any smartphone can connect to any 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless access point (AP) and the AP is hard-wired to the internet router. 


While my RV345 will be the router, I want the 5G iPhone to serve as the WAN connection to replace my current ISP (if possible). My current ISP is so unreliable that I am practically desperate for a way to rig up an unlimited 5G solution to the RV345 once 5G is switched on in my area.

Nathan Parker

I think you are weighing your options. I am assuming you do not have Verizon FiOS available in your area.


Given RV345 is a dual-WAN router, can't you order two ISPs? Probably expensive than going with unlimited 5G, I get you.


I don't think RV345's firmware allows you to route all traffic through your mobile hotspot. I am assuming you have a RV345W, or maybe you have access point(s) + RV345. These setups are kind of unviable because you need VLANed WLAN and a dedicated wireless network for WAN backhaul.


I need to take a set back for you. RV345 supports a USB dongle. According to this compatibility matrix Rv340_compatibility_matrix.pdf , it does support a Verizon/Novatel USB 730L dongle. You can purchase this dongle at Verizon for $250 (expensive). One caveat is that the dongle only supports 4G LTE. I am able to get 150Mbps on 4G LTE, not sure whether this is enough speed for you.


To use this dongle, you probably need to add a line at Verizon wireless. Or, when 5G Home or FiOS is available, switch to that. It is a matter of waiting and pricing. I would suggest you to purchase the Verizon dongle with $10.41/month for 24 months. If 5G Home or FiOS is available within the 24 months, you can return the dongle and waive all the remaining payments. Or, you can purchase a previous version of the dongle online for cheap, without guaranteed support and performance.


For specifics on the dongle, please consult with sales and technical support at Verizon.