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Using transport connection on RV042

We have 3 offices. Each office has a Cisco RV042 that acts as Internet gateway plus we currently have VPNs between offices. Each office has it's own Internet service. Each office has it's own /24 subnet (i.e,,...).


We're currently changing from multiple ISPs to one ISP but each office will still have their own Internet connection. Two offices have changed but we're still waiting on new fiber install for third. The new ISP is putting a Cisco switch in each office with 2 ports. One port is for the traditional Internet services and plugs into WAN1 port on router. Everything works fine. However, one of the reasons we went with new ISP is because they're giving us transport services on the other port on the ISP switch. The transport is via MPLS but that's transparent to us. There's no IP settings for this transport connection it's basically like 3 ports on a virtual switch in the cloud. They gave us 100 Mb on this transport which I want to use for interoffice instead of the VPNs. How can I make this work with the RV042. If I check the multiple subnets box will that give access? Will that connection just plug into a LAN port. I know I could change to a big flat network but that would entail lots of changes and the ISP doesn't recommend that since it would be a large broadcast domain.


Any ideas?

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