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VPN connects but cannot ping or access resources

We just replaced are old RV082 router with an RV325. We have a IPsec VPN Tunnel between two offices. Nothing has changed with the ISP on either side and nothing has changed on the network besides the new router. I have copied the settings from the old router to the new one and the VPN connects but I am unable to ping or gain remote access. If I switch back to the old RV082 router everything works as it should. If I restart the remote office router sometimes I get a connection but only temporary.


Any help would be great.

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN connects but cannot ping or access resources


Please verify the Firewall > Access Rule settings on the RV325 Router to verify whether WAN to LAN traffic allowed or not. Also please verify the ‘Port Forwarding’ rule, in case it is not configured properly then it may cause problem.

I hope you are using RV325 Router at both end, you may verify the remote side Router LAN interface rechability from inside the Router (System Management > Diagnostic) once site-to-site VPN established.

In case you are trying to get the remote access of the Router via WAN then please make sure ‘Remote Management’ is enable under the ‘Firewall > General’ settings.

In case still the problem persist then you may raise a service request with us by contacting on our Toll free number for your region, so that we can investigate further this by verifying the configuration and log details on the Router.

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