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VPN Tunnel keeps disconnecting between RV016 and RV082

Currently I have a VPN tunnel setup between our company locations. Location A has Linksys RV016 and Location B has RV082.  Everything has been working with no problems for the past 2 years with only minor disconnect issues in the VPN tunnel between the locations.

For the past 2 weeks I have been running into issues with the Tunnel. Users in Location B are reporting problems with losing connection to applications that are hosted in Location A. At first I start with doing a ping to router address in Location B and I get "request timed out". Next I login to router in Location A and under VPN I notice that the VPN tunnel is not disconnect (I see disconnect button). Once I click on Disconnect the screen refreshes and that seemed to restablish connecting with router in Location B. The drop connection has been been going on for the past 2 weeks and only happens once a day specifically between 1 PM and 3 PM EST. I have been reading all over the internet and no luck at all. The VPN tunnel settings are the same on both routers and under Advanced options both Keep Alive and Dead Peer Detection (DPD)  are checked.

Can anyone offer any assistance with resolving this issue? Could this be an indication that one of my router is about to die.



Re: VPN Tunnel keeps disconnecting between RV016 and RV082

You stated that it seems to happen around the same time every day. Are you aware of anything that takes place the same time every day that might cause an issue? Also, When you say every day, does that include weekends or has it only been observed on weekdays?


Re: VPN Tunnel keeps disconnecting between RV016 and RV082

Not really the same exact time but between 1 PM and 3 PM. As for anything going on...there is nothing I am aware of. I am not sure if it happens on the weekend since our company is closed.

I see the following entries in the log.

initiating Quick Mode PSK+ENCRYPT+TUNNEL+PFS to replace #38553
[Tunnel Negotiation Info] >>> Initiator send Quick Mode 1st packet
[Tunnel Negotiation Info] <<< Initiator Received Quick Mode 2nd packet
[Tunnel Negotiation Info] Inbound SPI value = 9177fbff
  [Tunnel Negotiation Info] Outbound SPI value = dc61494b
  [Tunnel Negotiation Info] >>> Initiator Send Quick Mode 3rd packet
  [Tunnel Negotiation Info] Quick Mode Phase 2 SA Established, IPSec Tunnel Connected
Dead Peer Detection Start, DPD delay timer=10 sec timeout=10 sec
ignoring Delete SA payload: IPSEC SA not found (maybe expired)

Not sure if they can lead to anything...


Re: VPN Tunnel keeps disconnecting between RV016 and RV082

I would maybe check with your ISP to see if anything on their end is taking place. Is there anything else on the network

during the time that the tunnel goes down that you have noticed happening? Any users experiencing any problems during this time frame? If the routers have worked for the past two years withour any problems I tend to think something in your network or provider is causing the tunnel to disconnect.

Rick Roe

Cisco Small Business Suport Center