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WAN access for 2 RV042s

I have 2 RV042s, a subnet on each. Currently R1 is connected to the WAN. I need to connect R2 to the WAN somehow. I only have 1 port on the ISP router that I can use. I need to have DHCP on R2 as well. Currently R1s subnet is receiving DHCP from a windows server. There was a patch cable plugged in between the two routers previously, however DHCP was assigning addresses two both subnets in various ranges. I'm not sure if any other traffic was crossing, I assume it was. I inherited this network and would like to set it up the correct way. R1s subnet is 192.168.230.x, patched to the WAN and LAN switch. R2 is subnet 192.168.231.x, as of right now I have devices directly patched into the router. I just need to be able to point R2 to the WAN. 

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Re: WAN access for 2 RV042s

Hello @jseibert81

 You can try creating a static route from R2 to R1. This should be enough.

See attached pic.


DHCP you can enable using this link:


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