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WAN Port issues on a Cisco SRP521W

Hi All,

We've come across an issue whereby the WAN port fails to light up with an Adtran Total Access 832 (via bonded SHDSL) unit.

Eventually the WAN port does light up after connecting and disconnecting it several times with the ethernet cable. However as a test I power cycled the router with the WAN cable disconnected and had a strange issue where the WAN light would constantly flash and show up in the web gui as being connected when in fact the Adtran Unit showed the device was not connected at all.

This is the second Cisco SRP521W router in place as the original one disconnects overnight without any load and a power cycle would fix the issue, but this replacement router disconnects during business hours (even worse for the customer) and power cycling does not bring it back online.

We've adjusted the WAN port to 10MB Full on both devices and hope that it stays up.

I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?  Would this be a behaviour of a faulty unit or may it not be compatible with the Adtran Total Access 832 (via bonded SHDSL) unit perhaps?

I've enabled syslog on the router but I suspect that this is for the voice functionality only?  Is there a feature to syslog the WAN ports as well or something that can be implemented perhaps?

Thanks in advance,


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WAN Port issues on a Cisco SRP521W

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