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Wifi printer set up issues on Comcast Cisco DPC3939

We just switched our phone and internet provider from Verizon FIOS to Comcast Business, and Comcast provided us with a Cisco DPC3939 modem/router.  We have had an issue connecting our Epson WF 7510 wifi printer to the network.  When I go through the printer wifi set up, the printer says its connect to the network but it's not visible on any computers.  The printer diagnostics say that it's connected with a IP address starting with 169, a subnet mask address matching the router, and a default gateway address of "none".  Epson says that the IP address is incorrect and is being assigned because it cannot establish a connection with the router.  They say the IP address should begin with 192 or 10 (the router address begins with 10, so that makes sense).  I logged into Comcast's gateway and it shows the printer connected and having an IP address starting with 10.  The other odd thing I see on the gateway is that all other devices on the network are connected via DHCP, but the printer has a reserved IP.   I've been on the phone with a few people from Comcast and they point fingers at Epson and vice versa from Epson.  All of our other wifi devices are working fine.  Is there any reason these two are not communicating?

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