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windows 10 vpn client to rv042g

Having hard time connecting to vpn from windows 10

Gateway to gatway works OK but I need to allow few users to log in from laptops and nothing works. Tried win10 vpn setup as well as quickVPN and still no luck.

Tried this but still no luck:



my client to gateway setup on RV042G :

TunnelGroup VPN
Tunnel No. 1
Tunnel Name : testclient
Interface : WAN1
Enable : yes
Local Group Setup
Local Security Gateway Type : IP only
IP Address : (WAN IP address)
Local Security Group Type : Subnet
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Remote Client Setup
Remote Security Gateway Type : IP only
IP Address:
IPSec Setup
Keying Mode : IKE with Preshared key
Phase 1 DH Group : Group2-1024bit
Phase 1 Encryption : DES
Phase 1 Authentication : MD5
Phase 1 SA Life Time : 28800seconds
Perfect Forward Secrecy : yes
Phase 2 DH Group : Group1 - 768
Phase 2 Encryption : DES
Phase 2 Authentication : md5
Phase 2 SA Life Time : 3600seconds
Preshared Key : (This is Security key)
Minimum Preshared Key Complexity : Enable


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.