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WRV210 drops wireless laptops when Android phones use Wi-Fi

Hello --

I have a WRV210 wireless router in a SOHO network supporting both wired (desktop PCs, printers) and wireless (laptop) client machines.   Everything was fine (for a few years!) until we got Android smartphones (Motorolla DROID RAZR MAXX), and configured them to connect to the WRV210 over Wi-Fi as an alternative to 4G mobile network data access.   Now, when the phones are Wi-Fi enabled, periodically (every hour, or more often) the laptop users lose their wireless network access for a minute or so.   The Windows XP and/or WIndows 7 wireless network agents pop-up to report being disconnected from the wireless network, then a half-minute later the wireless network reappears, and within another half-minute the laptops re-acquire their wireless network IP-addresses and things are back to normal, until the same behavior is repeated less than an hour later.  If/when Wi-Fi is disabled on the smartphones, the laptop users can remain connected indefinitely.

Hence we are absolutely 100% certain that having Wi-Fi connectivity enabled on the Android smartphones is related to this frequent "failure" (or "crash" ? and/or "reset" ...) of the WRV-210 wireless that drops the laptop users.    Wired network (desktop PC) connections to the WRV210 appear to be unaffected by these events happening on the wireless network (only).

Has anyone else experienced and/or reported any similar behavior ?   Is there a solution or work-around already identified, besides the obvious of keeping Wi-Fi on the Android smartphones disabled ?   I can provide more details on our WRV-210 setup, and/or attempt to capture router event logs, if that would help Cisco tech support diagnose this problem (if it has not been previously reported and diagnosed).   

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or assistance.

         -- Jim

[Edit]  I believe we have the latest firmware version installed on the WRV-210, as we were at first unsuccessful getting the (then new) smart_phones to connect to the wireless network, so we upgraded the firmware a few months ago.  This turned out not to help the problem of establishing a connection initiallly, which seemed to be a phone-side configuration problem related to network security key.   (We ultimately solved the network security problem by changing the network security paradigm to allow access only to devices [including the smartphones] with specific MAC addresses known to the WRV210).