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WRV210 port forwarding problem

I believe I have found a bug in the WRV210 Small Business Router, this has occurred on three separate units all running with the latest firmware ( For a small bit of background, the WRV210 routers are intended to provide NAT access to the internet for a few computers, plus QoS for SIP VoIP to an Asterisk server.

As per the Asterisk documentation, these ports are forwarded to the Asterisk server:

UDP 5004-5082

UDP 10000-20001

TCP 5060

And for administrative purposes, we also forward two TCP ports for SSH and HTTP access.

The specific problem we are experiencing is that, for no known reason, the ranges for UDP port forwarding simply stop working. The SSH/HTTP ports continue to forward, so I can see in the Asterisk logs that connection attempts to the voip trunk servers are being made, however no sip reply can make it from the remote sip server.

Two quick workarounds I have found, without doing anything to the Asterisk server:

1) reboot the WRV210

2) Log in the WRV210's administrative website, make ANY change whatsoever on the "Port Forwarding" screen, and press the SAVE button.

Either way, without making any other changes to the running Asterisk server, the SIP calls again reach the Asterisk box.

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