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WRVS4400N 801.Q intra-vlan routing question

Hi all,

I have a question in regards to the 802.1Q intervlan feature on the WRVS4400N. My goal is to setup a test network with atleast 10 departmental VLAN(s). By reading the WRVS4400N's data sheet I know that it supports up to 4 VLAN(s). I decided to purchase a Linksys SRW224G4 since it can create more than 4 VLAN(s).

With my previous Cisco experience I used to configure VLAN(s) on a Catalyst 2940 and trunk them to a Cisco 2501 series router by configuring trunk ports on the Catalyst and sub interfaces with 802.1q tagging on the routers.

I was wondering if I could trunk 10 VLAN(s) from my SRW224G4 to my WRVS4400N?

This is what I have tried to do so far

On the SRW224G4 I configured 10 VLAN(s) and set port G1 as a trunk port to port 1 on my WRVS4400N.

On my WRVS4400N I configured port 1 as a trunk port that accepts all frames.

When I look at the LAN settings on my WRVS4400N it doesn't give me the option to configure gateways for my VLAN(s). Does this router only support 4 VLAN(s)? if it does is there another router I can look into that has the ability to support more than 4?

I purchased the Linksys/Cisco small business series thinking that it can provide me with the basics to create a small network. I never thought the WRVS4400N would have a 4 VLAN limitation even when I trunk VLAN(s) from a switch.

Thanks for the input guys


Cisco Employee

The WRVS4400N  can only support 4 VLAN's, but it does support 802.1q therefore if it's  connected to the switch it can pass all the VLAN's configured on the switch, but on that  case the router can only pass DHCP for the 4 VLANs.

Thanks for the response. So if I configure DHCP on the switch and trunk the VLAN(s) to the router for inter vlan routing everything should work?


Yes, as long as the DCHP is not coming from the router everything should work


i'm new here and planning to do something similar to what you suggest.

I also have a slm2024 on which i plan to create more than 4 vlans. I'm looking for a gigabit router to route all my network and act as dhcp server. I will connect the switch to the router by a trunk.

In my setup only 4 of my vlans will need a dhcp server. So if my understanding is correct, the integrated dhcp will be able to serve those 4 vlans if they are created on the router. Is it correct ? In this guide page 60, there is an illustration of dhcp configuration but i don't see anything allowing to select the vlan. How does it work in fact ?

In my ideal setup, i would like to distribute a different subnet by vlan. Ex : for vlan 2; for vlan 3; etc...

For the other vlans i would affect static IPs.

Is this setup possible with this router ? If it's not, which other cisco router would you suggest me ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

David Carr
Frequent Contributor

I believe the answer to your question is under the dhcp tab on the router, once you have vlans created there will be a drop down box for the vlans.  Click the drop down box and it will allow you to put the address and range of ip addresses you want to be leased out.


Thanks for your answer. Since i don't own yet this router, i don't have access to the web configuration pages. The only document i have is the manual, i was refering to in my precedent message.

So if i understand well, i can manage dhcp for 4 vlans on this router and route the others (created on my switch) if configure the machines inside with static address.