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WRVS4400N IGMP Support

I have a client with 2x WRVS4400N VPN Routers.  One on the East Coast, one on the West.  On the West Coast we have a 3COM NBX 100 phone system and we would like to setup one of the phones on the East Coast thru the VPN.  For all the bells and whistles to work requires IGMP support.  Lucky for me these Linksys WRVs4400N routers support IGMP.  But I am having a heck of a time finding the IGMP Proxy setting in the GUI.  Looking around the Cisco Small Business website I am unable to find anything indicating these routers support IGMP.  However if one does a search on the web they will find a page on the Linksys website that shows support for IGMP on the WRVS4400N.

Now it looks a lot like when this was being sold as a Business Class Linksys product it in fact supported this Multi Casting Internet Group Membership Protocol (IGMP).  However when it was brought up to the Cisco Small Business Group and the firmware updated the IGMP support was removed?  Anyone out there take any of them fancy lawyer classes... Are you allowed to sell an item and then remove features in order to motivate the buyer to purchase a much more expensive product?  It wouldn't be the first time I have bumped into Linksys products being dummed down to promote a Cisco family member.

Looking for some IGMP insight....  anyone?

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