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WRVS4400N Lock Up / Freeze

In the last couple weeks my router has begun to lock up / freeze.  Not sure the appropriate terminology to use for this.  The end result is wireless and wired connections stop functioning.  I can't connect to the routers web interface via wired.  I can't connect to any of the wireless SIDs.  The router just doesn't respond.  When I look at the router the lights are still blinking, but nobody seems to be home.  I have to unplug the router and do a 30 count and plug it back in to get it to return to working order.

At the time that this first occurred I mad not made any changes to the device in months, if not longer.  Was running great.  Not sure what happened.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Has anyone else solved this problem?

Any thoughts or suggestions anyone might have would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.


Tom Watts

Hi Steven, this model isn't known to be particularly robust in the memory department. I know you had another post about slow speeds which disabling the IPS helped. Since removing the IPS has the router behaves better for you?

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No.  After disabling the IPS the router went longer without issue, but in the last day it has locked up 3 times.  Any suggestions on a suitable replacement?

Hi Steven, the RV180 / RV180W is the marketed replacement for the WRVS4400N when they went eos/eol. It may be better fitting to buy a RV220W if you're looking for a replacement. The newest firmwares on the RV220W have brought the product to nearly full light on the capabilities.

If you do choose to buy a replacement router, the very first thing you do... find the newest firmware, load it and factory reset the unit (hold reset button for 30 seconds or so) after the router completely boots up.

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I am reading reviews on the RV220W and alot of them are not good.  Issues with IPv6, VPN, etc.  Not that concerned about IPv6 at the moment but that will change in the future.  VPN issues do concern me.  Users stating SSL VPN work sometimes and PPTP never works.

What has been your experience with this router?

Hi Steven, PPTP vpn did have a completely failure on the older firmwares about 2 years ago.

SSL VPN is a touchy subject. Not because the router fails at it but because most people do not understand that computer operating systems make things difficult. SSL VPN is a pretty sore subject for all vendors...

But to affirm, the SSL VPN works just fine, especially if you know how to set root on MAC or if you know how to stop the Windows features from blocking it...My opinion is most people are unhappy they can't simply set something up and it works and then calls the router a piece of junk because their computers are blocking features or an inadequate understanding to make it work.

Windows 8 is not heavily tested or documented yet but I imagine that will also have a number of belly aches if there isn't already especially with all of the browser integrations... (sigh)

I'm not up to par on the IPV6 limitations. That's something that won't be too well experienced until IPV6 is forced upon us.

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Does the RV220W have the same issues with IPS as the WRVS4400N?

Hi Steven, none of the small business routers offer IPS any longer with the exception of the security appliances.

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