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WRVS4400N router vlans not working


the objective is to set up 2 vlans, one of which is a wireless access point connecting to our company network which is behind our firewall.  the other is a wireless access point for admins and selct people to connect directly to the internet, bypasing all network devices and firewall.  i have read and reread the admin guide and am unable to find anything remotely telling me how to do that.  i am unable to get tech support unless i buy a contract for $800.  for that kind of money i could throw this away and buy two new devices from somebody else getting free 1 yr support and have enough money left over to buy a used car but before i write cisco off as a bad partner i figure i'll give this a shot so if anybody knows how to do this and can help me out i'd be grateful.   I currently have it working and vlans setup but they both hook into the company network. 

thanks in advance



WRVS4400N router vlans not working


Based on your description it sounds as if you would like to have two completely separate VLANs that will not communicate with each other. If you in fact already have the VLANs created and you simply want to stop communication between the two subnets then you will need to go to Setup>Advanced Routing>Inter-VLAN routing.

If you disable this option the two subnet will not communicate.

Regarding the need to purchase a contract for $800: What number did you call? The contact number for the Cisco Small Business Support Center is 1.866.606.1866. If your device is not entitled to phone support you would need to purchase a support contract but the price is no where near $800. Below is a link for available contracts.

If you should need further assistance please call 1.866.606.1866 and let us verify your device entitlement.

Hope this helps

Blake Wright

Cisco SBSC Network Engineer


Re: WRVS4400N router vlans not working

Thank you. No further reported problems!

Bruce Miller

System Administrator

858 966 3000 (Main) | 858 966 3050 (Direct)

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WRVS4400N router vlans not working

I have this type of setup on my Home network with 3 Vlans on 3 different APs. one of which does not have intervlan routing enabled on one AP.

works very well on the RV220W and should work the same way with the WRVS4400N.

Good luck.


Regards Simon