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wrvs4400n V1.1 Drop connectivity when connected to SLM2008

HI All,

I am looking for some assistance when i connect a Linksys SLM2008 Managed/POE switch in to the router.  I have configured the router to what I need, 2 VLAN with require routing, however 10 seconds after I plug the switch in, the entire network drops connectivity.  This had been happily working, for the last 6 months, and has just started to fail.  I have tested the switch and all network devices all work fine, including the switch.

I had changed the ports on the switch as it appeared the it was connected via the POE port on the switch, however this had no effect, If I disconnect the router from the switch then it comes back up after a reboot.  The switch has DHCP disabled and is also not doing any services as at present I am just using it as switch.  There is no Jumbo frames enable on either or any device.

The best so far I can put it down to is that the router has some form of Hardware fault? Is there any thing else that it could be.  Also I have tried all 4 LAN ports on the router, and it has the same effect.

I have used a cheap Netgear just a keep things running, (and it was in the boot as a spare) and it had no trouble working with all other device and cascading to the switch.

Thanks in Advance for you replies.


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Re: wrvs4400n V1.1 Drop connectivity when connected to SLM2008

Hi Matt,

just a guess, as I am experiencing similar problems with the SLM2008 in context with other switches: just check

  • if your VLAN config is correct among all devices (for testing and small nets, try to deactivate all ingress filtering/tagging etc)
  • if STP is causing problems. Go to the STP status page of the switch (your computer should be connected to it directly) and look for "blocking" ports. If there are any, try to disable STP

This is not a final solution, but except for a loop these are likely reasons which can cause data flow to cease.

Best regards,