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SSLVPN and Windows 7

Hello all,I trying to setup the SSLVPN Portforwarding on the Cisco SA 540.Now I am at the stage where I want to actually test it on a remote machine.The remote machine I am using is a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit machine.On this machine is installed ...

dave by Beginner
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Resolved! SA540 VPN

Has anyone got their SSL VPN working with FULL TUNNEL? I am able to connect but can't ping/access any network resources. I have done following:Set client vpn address range and DNS servers.Set VPN Policy with all network resources to permit to all.Set...

SA520 - IPSec VPN RA and access to the network which is not connected directly

Hi,My topology:I use Cisco VPN Client to connect from outside to my network. I have configured split tunnel so I get access to LAN_1 and LAN_2. The question is how I can add network to my split tunnel that I can connect to host in thi...

SA520 Now Abandonware?

I have not seen a firmware update to the SA520 and SA520W since last year.  They are still rife with problems and missing essential features.  Have these products been abondoned by the developers?  We bought 3 years of service and 2 years in dev appe...

gclerke by Beginner
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Our SA540 is showing a lot of records (more than 1 per second) for WAN_PING from all over the world. It is dropping the connection for them. I know there are script kiddies and real deal hackers out there spoofing IP addresses from all over the world...

SA520 two VLAN

Hii make two VLAN's on Cisco SA520W ( Firmware  2.1.71 )a) 192.168.0.xb) network  configuration -> Available VLANs ->  " Inter VLAN Routing Enable " check box ( enable )  on both VLAN's and innetwork  configuration > Port VLANs -> all 4...

valtsgrin by Beginner
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2x SA520 Site-to-Site VPN

Hi,We are trying to set up a site-2-site VPN for a remote office.Purpose is to redirect all traffic from the remote site to the main site (access to local network servers but also web access , VOIP ..)We would need also to have access from the main s...

achat by Beginner
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CSB SA520W: Apple Network

Dear readers and admins and professionalsI use a SA520W in an Mac only environment.Initially, I did setup the network as follows.WLAN this and with Bonjour aktivated I wasn't able to see t...