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I am attempting to setup our Cisco SA540 to use iPSEC VPN remote access.I am about to connect to the device but onced connected I am unable to reach any of my shares, servers or desktops. The VPN is giving out 192.168.15.x as IPs to the remote connec...

SA520 Content Filtering

We have a SA520 and want to enable the content filteringHowever we found that the user can bypass the URL filter easily if the site provides https serviceFor example, we want to block facebook, and we have enter facebook in the block listIf the user ...

SA520W dns timeouts

Hello,We've got an SA520W running v2.1.51. Our users are experiencing what they described as intermittent internet outages.  Upon investigating it appears to actually be sporadic DNS timeouts.  This happens on both wired and wireless clients, XP and ...

SA520 throughput performance

I am bringing up a new network and am using SA520 to provide the firewall behind my Comcast connection. When connected directly to the cable modem, I get downloads of close to 50Mbps but the speed drops to around 5Mbps when going through the SA520. I...

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Why does the SA520W not have a very simple option to have the VPN users get there IP address from a DHCP server like Sonicwall devices do? Instead I have to assign a range in dynamic IP area and the adjust my Active Directory to allow the new subnet ...