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Dual Wan and port routing

Hi,I am setting up a configuration with SA520W and 2 Wan, in load balancing. But I face a problem that I could not understand.Traffic is HTTP, SIP and 2 servers.Servers are for a VPN tunnel and a mail server with ActiveSyncBoth services absolutely ne...

achat by Beginner
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SA520 Dropping sa

Hello all,I have installed a SA520 and recently it seems the SAs are dropping when the lifetimes expire.  I also get the following in the logs:  "ERROR:  failed to get iph2".Staff states their connections are down.  I check the status and is shows "I...

SA 540 Security Appliance

Hello All,I have problem with this device.I have some file servers that i need to protect. These file servers have public ip's. (12x.x.x.x)SO i have configured an available public ip on the WAN interface(129.x.x.x) and i have turned off the DHCP on t...

SA 540 & 1841 router

Hello,I already have 1841 router and I am trying to install SA540 as firewall. Can someone help me how to configure thesetwo? I tried once but failed. I can connect Internet from firewall but I can not connect Internet from PC which connected to rout...

We activate 2 x 25 seat Protectlink Endpoint License but we cant see them on the SA520 licensing page

Hi, We activate 2 x 25 seat Protectlink Endpoint License but we cant see them on the SA520 licensing page.I did follow all the instructions from the Licensing Page of my cisco SA520, i click ADD SEAT > go to Trend Micro page > input the RKs > get the...

lcuevas1 by Beginner
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SA520 SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 ?

Hello.     I have a customer with an SA520w.     It is functioning properly however due to the customer needing to pass PCI compliance,  the outside vulnerability scan  is failing due to SSL 2.0 as well as using  weak and anonymous SSL  ciphers.  The...

dluff4343 by Beginner
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I am a computer science major working on a project for school and recently purchased a WVC 210.  I am wondering how I can get access to the API for this camera.  I've tried the links provided in the forum but get an acess error.Thanks,Jeff Causey