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Dario Agudelo

Connection lost from inside VLANs

Hi everyone.

The SA520 loss connection to inside VLANS placed behind a layer 3 switch in a daily basis. As a result the PCs can´t connect to Internet. If I try to ping the LAN IP of the SA from de switch it doesn´t respond. I get rid of the problem pinging from the SA520 to the gateway toward the inside (the layer 3 switch IP) as if the SA had lost the capacity to forward traffic to the inside networks. Rebooting the appliance works also.

Curiosly I have another completely flat VLAN connected to the SA in a dedicated different LAN port which never face the problem, so I suspect the SA becomes unable to route more than one hop internal VLANs.

My customer SA520 has 2.1.51 firmware. It's setup with ISP redundancy in rollover.

Any help will be appreciated and possibly save my neck.


Dario Agudelo

Cisco Employee

Hi Dario,

As per the details mentioned we are unable to conclude the issue.

We would like to request the following:

1. Dbglogs from SA520

2. Network Topology (So that we can findout whether any route is required or not to forward the traffic).
3. Layer 3 switch information and configuration details (if the switch is manageable).

To get dbglogs, login to SA520 web UI and in the URL type  https://IP_address_of_SA500/scgi-bin/dbglog.cgi

Please note that the dbglogs logs will contain passwords, so please change or remove them. If you are not comfortable posting it on the community forum, please send it through the private message.



Hi Nitin:

Thanks for your interest. In fact we have had some troubles with our ISP so the actions regarding our SA520 are in standby. For the moment I can tell you that the SA520 are behaving ok although the configuration we have now is a little bit different comparing with the one reflecting the problem. For the intermediate VLAN connecting the corporate VLANs through the L3 switch, I avoided the VLAN 1 and rather I configured VLAN 2 in the port 3. My rationale was that VLAN 1 with all the tag/untag issues could introduce some troubles with the connection to the L3 switch port being an access port.

I hope that next week I will configure the second VLAN in port 4 to connect a plain network intended for visitors and then the picture will be complete and then we can say the problem is over.

Thanks again.

Dario Agudelo

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Re: Connection lost from inside VLANs

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