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How to manage a SA 540

Hi All's,

Do you konw where I can find the SA 540 MIB in order to remote manage the device (bandwith, load, memory) ...

I'm using Nagios and need OIDs to pool.



Hi All's,

Any idea ?


I am asking the product team internally and will report back with what they provide.

Steve DiStefano


U.S. Partner Sales


All  Cisco products with MIBs have the list here (MIB Locator  Tool):

For  SA500 select the Non-IOS products link, then under the Security and VPN drop  down, select SA500.

This is from Stephen, or SA500 PM.

Final answer ...

At this time, the SA 540 is not manageable .... nos oid for memory/CPU ...

Only interfaces ...

For fair disclosure purposes...

Well, a little more than just interfaces :-)

I will ask about CPU and Memory instrumentation on your behalf.   I think its a good idea.

Steve D

Just clarify the requirement in terms of FCAPS beyond just configuration to fault management, which is what I think you need?

So you have a NMS (Cisco Information Center (Micromuse), or HP Open view), where Traps and maybe SYSLOGs are collected and displayed to alert network managers about the health of their network.  And perhaps you also want to do Performance management tools in the NOC that periodically query the SNMP OIDs for periodic status of CPU and Memory.  

So your interested in CPU  utilization passing thresholds and free memory running low.  If not please elaborate on use case?

Hi Steve,

Use cases are:

  1. Fault management (traps send by device to one or more SNMP manager)
  2. SNMP Get values (for capacity and monitoring).

In my opinion here is what's missing on the SA 5xx:

  1. Fault Management => SNMP Version (1,2,3)
  2. Monitoring:
    1. SNMP Version
    2. Get value for all informations such as
      1. All I can get with Device Status( Ressources utilization, Statistics)
      2. VPNs stats


Stéphane Guédon

Thanks for taking the time to provide field feedback.   I have passed this to the product Development and Engineering team.

I would also suggest Netflow and a way in the built-in interface to view traffic and utilization on a per protocol and per host basis.

Byte Solutions, Managed Computer Services 561.338.9696

I second the motion on Netflow or something similar.