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Impossible to get the activation code for proteclink in sa520 on the trendmicro website, they tell me to ask to Cisco...

I haven't post to the because don't have tac registration on cisco website...

thank's for reply... have a nice day.

Here the history:

You will need to submit a support case to Cisco at this site.:

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-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 7:20 AM
To: USPRInquiry Emailbox
Subject: TT0000106573

Hi !
I'd like to register my SA520 cisco protectlink Trendmicro security suite to have
activation code but with the link give by the appliance it's impossible to validate
the formular because when i put french country i must set a state like in america but
in french it have no state...
And i don't find any link on website europe or french site to be able to register protectlink.

If any response from your service i register the product with setting parameter country: america
and a state randomly choose.

Have nice day.

> Message du 31/05/10 20:20
> De : "Trend Micro Online Registration"
> Copie à :
> Objet : Online Registration case submission
> Greetings from Trend Micro Online Registration.
> Thank you for submitting this new case to Trend Micro:
> * Registration Key:
> * Activation Code: N/A
> * Company Name:
> *
> * Detailed problem description:I want to register my protectlink license with the link
> set in the ciscosa 520 appliance.
> The link is this one ! have you the same for
> french users ?
> And in notice that I'm french and want
> set postal adress or when i put french country the form
> ask me for state. Or in French it have no state and i can't validate
> the registration and receive the activation code...
> the form says always I must set a state... but for french country big problem.
> Thank's a lot !
> Have a nice day.
> * Is a Trend Micro Reseller: No
> * End-user's information: N/A
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> Trend Micro
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Thanks Henry to report this problem.  We will look into this.

At the same time, it sounds you got the activation code now by arbitrary selecting a US state.

I hope the activation code works out for you and you successfully register and activate the service.