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IPSec Site to Site VPN between RV130 and Cisco 2911 router

I have been preparing myself to install a Site to Site IPsec VPN between a new RV130 router and a Cisco 2911 Router. The 2911 already has been configured and working with several remote IPsec Site to Site VPN connections with Cisco 800 and RV110 routers and now the customer wants us to add a new RV130 router and configure it next week. While we are waiting for the RV130 to arrive I have been researching and finding documentations. Any additional tip on how to complete the task with examples would be good.


I have already collected the following URLs for my preparation work but additional tips and gotchas will help:


Alphonse Stanislaus (Retired two years ago from workforce  - but back to work again now)


Cisco RV130 Multifunction VPN Router:

Cisco RV130W Wireless Multifunction VPN Router:         Administration Guide:




Cisco RV130 Multifunction VPN Router:

Cisco RV130W Wireless Multifunction VPN Router:             Quick Start Guide:


Cisco RV130W Wireless Multifunction VPN Router:


Configuration of an IPSec VPN Server on RV130 and RV130W:


VPN Policy Configuration on RV130 and RV130W:



Cisco Small Business RV Series Routers:


Cisco RV130 VPN Router Documentation, Downloads, Forum, etc:


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Hello, my name is Jonathan

Hello, my name is Jonathan and i am one of the engineers here at the Cisco sbsc team.

I apologize for the delay in this answer.

As i am understanding you will be setting the new ipsec tunnel between the 2 units so basically on both the settings regarding the phase 1 and phase 2 of the tunnel will need to match so make sure they are the same on both ends, the tunnel is a gateway to gateway connection so make sure as well that we are using a different LAN segment on the routers if not the tunnel will not connect and then try to check for the firmware version on both and it is recommended to be on the latest version so if the rv130 is not please do the upgrade first. here is the link with the steps you need to take. 

if you need further assistance feel free to call us at 1-866-606-1866

thanks and have a great day.