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Is there a way to exchange/return a SA 540?

My vendor says that the SA 540 is used so they won't take it back and Cisco tech support is saying it isn't broke.  Any suggestions on what to do with it besides using it as a paper weight? Here are the problems I'm having with it:

     - The WAN connection doesn't support 10MB, we upgraded our line to 100MB at our cost but still would prefer to using the 10MB line. Tech support is saying to put a switch or a hub between the line and the SA, that is poor solution long term.

     - The SSL clientless option doesn't forward DNS requests properly on Windows XP or Vista

     - There is no Cisco client that works with Windows 7.  The new release of QuickVPN does not connect no matter what I do and no SSL client

     - The speed of the unit is slow.  With a full duplex 100MB line there should be no latency with our VOIP system and there isn't on our old router which is odd because it is 6 years old.  The only reason we wanted to upgrade was for the VPN connections which aren't working.

     - The duplicate username/password for IPSec and SSL users.  Why can't they just be one account and allow access to the appropriate connection.

     - Lack of documentation for client configuration and VPN setups.  I've followed the example in the manual and I just can't get clients to connect that quickly.

     - We are running firmware 1.21.1 and have troubleshooted with Cisco on a number of these problems but no real answers. For small businesses that can't afford to have this just sit on the shelf and wait for the next firmware there doesn't seem to be any answers.

Any helpful suggestion would be appreciated.

Steven Smith
Rising star


I would like to talk to you about the issues that you are seeing.  I am going to send you a PM with my contact information.  Let me know when you would be available to talk about this.

Most of the issues you reference here are fixed in a firmware release will be available in the very short near term.  I can't give exact dates, but we are talking about the very near future.