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ISA550 - Slow Performance

I hope I'm not revisiting my performance problems with the SA540 here.  Yesterday, I replaced a client's Cisco/Linksys home router with an ISA550.  This is the first one I have sold.  The web filtering is disabled, but the antivirus, network reputation, and IPS is enabled.  First thing this morning I get a call saying their Internet access is really slow.  I looked at the IPS status and see where it seems to be blocking a lot of traffic including Symantec, which it should not be blocking.  No viruses are reported.

The client uses a cloud application.  They have 35 nodes active as I write this.  About a half dozen are IPods, which are used for scanning in the warehouse.  The firmware should be the latest (1.2.17).  I checked the bandwidth usage (ISA550 report) and they certainly aren't maxing out their bandwidth.  I also checked the total WAN bandwidth and at times it is reporting over T1 speeds.  They only have a T1, which is shared with 12 phone lines in a dynamic configuration (more data bandwidth available if phone lines are not active).

So, did I sell the wrong product here.  Shouldn't this ISA550 at least be able to keep up with a Linksys N900?

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ISA550 - Slow Performance

I'd disable all security services, wait some days, if it's better turning one on and so on, to find out which one is slowing down the speed.


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