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ISA570 1.2.20 Firmware-Random Reboot and Errors

I updated the firmware to the latest version about a month or so ago and it seems this version has had some issues.  Currently, I have a support case opened with Cisco to figure out what happened today when all of a sudden the firewall rebooted on it's own.  Not too mention, there are tons of errors and warnings since upgraded from 1.2.15 to this new version, which fixes the heartbleed vulnerability.  Anybody else having random reboots or a ton of new errors and warnings present?


In addition to random reboots

In addition to random reboots antivirus can no longer install updates (again).  This appears to be an ongoing issue.  


Anybody been working on 1.2

Anybody been working on 1.2.22?  Anybody have the device reboot randomly?  Saw one issue where someone has had the device reboot on it's own after clicking on the arp table section.  Would love to get off the .15 firmware version.  


Yeah, I had to go back to .15

Yeah, I had to go back to .15 which seems the most stable and I am sure there are many others who are doing the same.  It is unfortunate that none of these issues are fixed and I can say these issues probably will never be fixed after speaking with Cisco small business support.  If nobody calls in and speaks up about these issues Cisco won't know there is a widespread issue with this firmware. They assured me from .19 to .20 the only fix was the heartbleed, but I have a hard time believing that as others have had issues with the reboots I believe in .19.   At some point in the near future we will have to move to another product all together for lack of support.  Don't get me wrong this is a great product with the old firmware, but right now I can no longer use SSL to the device or SSL VPN remote access because of the heartbleed vulnerability.  Sad but true.  


I will be moving to a

I will be moving to a Sonicwall device once my subscription services run out.  I'm not impressed.  I've used Sonicwalls in the past and they've been quite stable, nice interface, etc.  


I think that a transparent

I think that a transparent key that secures your access will be a lot more efficient. There is an integration with Cisco that will do that.


I know this post is a few

I know this post is a few months old, but I am having the exact same issue on my ISA570 with firmware version 1.2.20.  Did Cisco ever fix this issue?

I am also having other issue with eiter 1.2.20 or a security update that randomly glitches webpages so they lose their formatting.




Don't think are doing

Don't think they are doing anything about.  So, I am sticking at .15 with SSL turned off.  Sticking with this until I can get off the small business product line all together, the support just isn't there for the product.  Will be looking at Sonicwall and enterprise level Cisco equipment. 


I will have to roll back to

I will have to roll back to .15 then.  It is a shame that Cisco gives such little consideration to SMB customers.  I just called them on the phone to discuss the firmware issue and they were total a$$holes.  They could care less!  They didn't even want to know about a potential firmware bug.

I will not be buying another Cisco SMB product again!!

Check out Sophos.  They have a 30-day UTM software demo you can download and install on a spare PC to test drive it.  I have been using it for the last two weeks as a secondary firewall on my network and it is very impressive for a SMB product.


.15 isn't that firmware that

.15 isn't that firmware that had the issue with streaming video from sites like youtube, is it?



Cisco Employee

Hi rtaadmin,If you are seeing

Hi rtaadmin,

If you are seeing the ISA reboot on its own, please open a case with SBSC.  We are still supporting the ISA500 and will investigate this. 




I did try to report it to the

I did try to report it to the SBSC and they told me they can't look into it because I don't have a support contract.  I have an agreement for software updates (firmware, AV, IPS, etc.) but not a hardware support contract.  I was then told by the SBSC to report it on these forums.  So hear I am.



It could be, but I haven't

It could be, but I haven't experienced issues streaming here using that version.  Out of all the versions, .15 seemed the most stable from what I can see.