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Charles Brush

ISA570W anyconnect

The version of anyconnect supplied with the ISA570W is 3.0.2052 that can only be installed from the cd provided in the box.  Being a forward thinker, I wanted to make sure I had the latest verison only to find out that there have been several newer releases.  I also found out that without a service contract I am unable to download the latest and greatest.  I had a cisco partner look into what a service contract would run for the ISA570W and was told that nothing is available for this device...

Anyone else find this odd?


having the same problem i asked our distributor and they informed me that there is a 3year small business support contract available for ISA550, ISA550W, ISA570 and ISA570W.

to my knowledge it's listed as SBS 8X5XNBD 3YR SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT (SBS) (CON-SBS-SVC2 )

i'm not 100% sure if that support contract enables me to download current anyconnect versions though.

iPhone and Android versions of anyconnect seem to be avaliable for free.


For small business, you need either of the following for anyconnect vpn client:

CON-SBS4-SVC1 - Small Business Partner Rapid Response Service (SBS4) provides 24x7 Small Business Support Center (phone or chat) support, software updates and 4 hour hardware advance replacement. SBS4 is available on all Small Business Products except for IP phones and adapters, wireless cameras, and some smaller switches. This is available in a limited number of countries.

CON-SBS-SVC2 - Small Business Support Service (SBS) provides local business hour Small Business Support Center (phone or chat) support, software updates and next business day hardware advance replacement.



Eric Fuller

You also need to check when you purchased the unit.  It comes with 1 year of support but almost every single SA series router we have purchased has been out of warranty when we received it.  I then go our internal sales guy, have him pull the invoice when we purchased it from our vendor and prove its within the one year.  I'm still getting SA series firewall appliances that have ver 1.x firmware on them. 

Extending the warranty to the 3 years is a no brainer however.  The standard NBD 8x5 warranty is extremely cheap.  The higher end 24x7 is pretty pricey though unless your clients are in a 24x7 environment and feel it's required (client discretion).

We simply changed our policy to quote all of our Cisco SBS products with the basic 3 year waranty up front now.

It did take me 2 months to get our head sales people on board though and how to "push" the fact that was why our quotes were a little more (laugh).  Once they caught on though it actually became a selling point as our competitors typically didn't quote more than 1 year warranty and for us, almost the same price or just a little more covered 3 years.

My unit (ISA570W-BUN3-K9) actually came with a 3 year support license BUT according to Cisco SBS it only covers the device and not the software included with it.  According to SBS I need a service contract in order to get at the downloads but every vender I've contacted have come up empty.  I actually had a support rep tell me to buy and old router and get a service contract on that because the ISA 500 series aren't elegiable for an extended service contract that includes the software.  Thoughts?

Hello Charles,

I am unsure of who you spoke with, but it sounds like all information you were given is way off. The ISA500 series does have several different levels of support which can cause confusion, but I am disappointed that anyone would suggest you buy an older device pointlessly.

Here is a summary of some of the different support and licenses

ISA500 series by default has

- 1 year technical support

- 1 OR 3 year(s) security license ISA5X0-BUN#-K9 (X = 5 OR 7) (# = 1 OR 3)

Service contracts can be purchased for this device (

- 3 year additional technical support CON-SBS-SVC2

- 3 year additional technical support with 4 hour replacement CON-SBS4-SVC1

Security services license which covers security services and AnyConnect-

- 1/3 year for ISA550 series L-ISA550-CS-#YR= (# = 1 OR 3)

- 1/3 year for ISA570 series L-ISA570-CS-#YR= (# = 1 OR 3)

I hope this clears up any confusion you have on the support scope of your device. I personally feel that the ISA500 series is one of the best SBSC devices.


Regarding to the AnyConnect client, we suggest ISA500 customers to use either the version of the AnyConnect client coming with the box in the CD or the version of the AnyConnect that is published in the latest release notes (i.e.

The reason we suggest this guideline is to ensure our customers to have better product experiences.  Cisco AnyConnect client today is used by many other Cisco products.  When there is a newer version of AnyConenct client, it may take ISA500 product team some time to validate their inteoperablity.  Thus, to avoid the potential inteoperability issue, we suggest to follow our release notes for any newly recommendated client versions.

To get the newly supported AnyConnect software (other than shipped in the CD), please contact Cisco Small Busineses Support team.