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ISA570W Slow Download for apps with ipad or iphone

Hi guys,

I also have the same problem!

Thanks for help


I have the problem extremely when i download apps with ipad or iphone. Without cisco isa 550w (with my old zyxel zywall 5) the download is perfect! Thanks for help Nachricht geändert durch Christian Federspiel

Cisco Employee

Hi Christian,

Do you have anti virus enabled  ?


Hi Wei,

At installation of the new cisco all services were activated but i have deactivated antivirus after i see the slow download. But even if I have disabled all the services download is still slower than with my very old Zyxel ZyWALL 5 - I do not understand this! I thought might have the current firmware updates made ​​problems wenn installing in my running configuration - so i have reseted my firewall but the problem still persist. 

I am not so happy with my purchase, especially I thought Cisco sure works perfectly.

Thank you for help.


Hi Christian,

it seems that the ISA series is old linksys stuff. I don't know, why cisco kept this product, when the sold linksys.

really, really poor performance, check out a network trace and see that this box cannot really handle network-traffic: lot's of DupAcks, retrans, fast-retrans and it corrupts head-information like hppt-urls. I cannot understand why cisco has released this product - what about testing?

why is this boxed not based on IOS?

This time, I could not recommend using this product, perhaps in the future, when network traffice will be handled in a correct way. and up to this point, cisco should at least give us our money back for the security subscriptions, or they should extend it!

I really hope they fix these issues in the near future.

Reagrds Mike

Cisco Employee

Hi Christian,

ISA500 team is working on this issue. Could you please open a case to

get the help from TAC engineers to troubleshoot and try out the fix ?




Hello Christian,

What is the speed that you should get when downloading? It would be very helpful to have a baseline so we can tell how much speed is lost. Are you only getting speed drops for downloading apps? If you get a slow speed on all traffic, then there may be more going on.

If you would like immediate help with this issue, we do have phone support which is much more responsive and in the event that your issue is a problem, a case will have to be created.

Here is the link to call-

Hello Robert.

With my Zyxel the Download was 29.5MB to 29.9MB Down an 4.00MB UP

With the Cisco ist 27.5MB Down an 3.2MB oder 3.5MB UP

Yesterday i could not even watch a video on youtube with 240p (it looks like drops download) - i must deactivate IPS on my cisco and then no problem with 720p.

something is going wrong with this device!!??

Thanks for Help


Hello Christian,

It appears that your speed is not getting a huge drop, but I am concerned about the streaming issues. If you are noticing most of your issues when using IPS, then I have a feeling it could be due to false positives. One way of checking this is through the system logs to confirm if that is indeed the problem. Do you notice the issue when only IPS is turned on? I have not seen any streaming issues on our lab system with all security services turned on, so It could be a configuration on the ISA or possibly something else. If possible, I would recommend contacting us by phone so we can create a case for you and look into the issue.

I am experiencing similar issues with video streaming, downloading files does not seem to be affected that much. Streaming audio I think is working ok but streaming video is crippled, it drops connection after a certain amount of time.

I had some similar issues on another post. Mine turned out to be IPS enabled on all the networks. Once I set IPS to only exist on the WAN, everything is running much better.

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Shawn Eftink CCNA/CCDA Please rate all helpful posts and mark correct answers to assist others searching for solutions in the community.

I think it's a cheek to bring such a device to the market! I would prefer to throw it in the garbage! and this in the name of cisco? device is a pure disaster! no idea what the developers have been testing since it looks like nothing!

please correct the error and release a working firmware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks!