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Problems with QVPN client connecting to WRVS4400N

I can add my voice the the chorus of those who have never been able to get this to work.  I have the following configuration:


  • Laptop has QVPN installed on it.
  • Windows Update has Vista fully updated.
  • IPSec and IKE services are both running.
  • Vista's Firewall is on, QVPN Client is listed as an exception.
  • Laptop IP is 192.168.1.XXX, connected on a neighbor's WRT54G Wi-Fi (firmware 2.02.7), with Frewall disabled, Block Anonymous Internet Requests unchecked, VPN Passthru enabled, no ports are mapped.
  • I have copied the certificate .PEM file generated by the router to the Laptop's Program Files/Cisco Small Business/QuickVPN Client folder

WRVS4400N (Hardware v1.1 &Firmware v1.1.13):

  • WRVS4400N Wan IP is 68.187.226.XXX,assigned by the ISP's DHCP.
  • WRVS4400N MTU size is 1492, Block WAN request disabled, VPN Passthru is Disabled
  • LAN IP is
  • VPN client account is enabled, and I'm usng the proper name / password in the QVPN Client.

I am able to ping the WRVS4400N directly or via DDNS (DynDNS), and I can access FTP and HTTP servers on the WRVS4400N LAN, via forwarded ports.  DynDNS resolves correctly for QVPN Client too, but to reduce the unknowns and variables I am trying to connect directly to the WRVS4400N's Wan IP. I put some XXX's in this posting to cover up the actual IP addresses.

I get the following in the QVPN Log.txt:

2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]OS Version: Windows Vista
2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Domain Profile Settings: ON
2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]One network interface detected with IP address 192.168.1.XXX

2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]Connecting...
2010/08/23 08:16:39 [DEBUG]Input VPN Server Address = 68.187.226.XXX

2010/08/23 08:16:39 [STATUS]Connecting to remote gateway with IP address: 68.187.226.XXX
2010/08/23 08:16:40 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...
2010/08/23 08:16:40 [WARNING]Failed to connect.
2010/08/23 08:16:41 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...
2010/08/23 08:16:41 [WARNING]Failed to connect.
2010/08/23 08:16:41 [WARNING]Failed to connect!

I have verified that the ISP is not blockng any ports or services.  Both the laptop and the WRVS4400N are using the same ISP (but QVPN doesn't work with any other ISPs that I have tried).

And in the wget_error.txt:

--08:16:40--  https://Ethan:*password*@*password*?USER=Ethan
           => `C://Program Files//Cisco Small Business//QuickVPN Client//vpnserver.conf'
Connecting to failed: No such file or directory.
Giving up

I get a Connection Error popup listing 5 reasons QVPN might have failed to establish a connection, none of which seem applicable.

Thanks in advance for any help.  It would be nice to get this working.



Quick update.  I did a hard reset of the WRVS4400N, reprogrammed the router Local IP to,  and all of the local IP addresses to the same subnet, including all of the peripheral equipment, and viola the VPN is now working under Vista!.

Anyone know of a Linux VNP client that will work with the WRVS4400?  The Cisco Compatible VPNs that are part of the network-manager under Ubuntu 10 don't work on the WRVS4400N...    Ethan

Hi Ethan,

Please post this question to the following community area.  There are more WRV experts who can probably give you more comments.