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SA 540 Link status goes down on WAN port

I recently  tried to install a SA 540. The link status keeps going to down.  I have a 10 meg full-duplex line frm my ISP and called them and they said to set the port speed to that, otherwise you will see packet droping and it won't register as connected.  I went to adjust the port speed to 10 but it would only let me set it to 100 or 1000.  When I set the speed to auto is stays up for a maximum of 3 minutes before disconecting.  The connection is solid when connected to our previous firewall. Is this something that can be addressed? Is there a work a round?  I'm sure I'm not the only one with a problem like this.


Please advise what firmware is on the SA540.  1.1.21 is current as of 2/2/10.



***NOTE.  For anyone posting a question about any of the SA5XX devices, please include the firmware version of your appliance.



The firmware is the latest 1.1.21.


Please call 1.866.606.1866 and open a case regarding this issue.  This is a design issue that may have to be escalated and presented to PE.

I've opened a ticket and the Escalation team is still looking into it.  I'll keep this updated as the status changes.  It is a long process to deal with the Escalation team but I do applaud the phone centre, they have been really quick with responses and getting details.

Hi I'm also having the same problem as you kdeklerk1 would you be able to tell me the make/model of your modem


We actually don't have a modem.  We have a direct line to a switch that our ISP provides for this building.  They set the port at 10 mbps because that is what we have signed up for.  The SA 540 is unable to keep connected to the SA 540.  Like I've previously posted there is a ticket open for this but as of yet there is no change of the status. 

I saw an email from the development team on this earlier today wrt case 613600681  It is a problem and they are looking at adding this into a new build, which will have to be tested and incorporated with other fixes planned so realistically looking at Mid March timeframe.   If you have a case open, stay in touch with SBSC who can advise further and maybe even have an engineering build a bit earlier.


Hi, Is there any update on a fix for this I've just purchased the SA540 I cant currently use it without being able to set 10Mb. I'm not worried about using beta firmware is there is any released.

Thank You


I've talked with the Cisco team just recently and there is no fix for it yet.  They are evaluating if it is worth fixing and it could be months until the fix is available if they do add it to the roadmap.  The suggestion given to me was to put a switch in front of the SA 540 to handle the 10 mb line.  It wasn't the fix I was really looking for.  I worked with my ISP to change the port settings, though I'm paying more for it now.

The fix for this should be available very soon.  I will post here when it is available.


I also am having the same issue with the SA540. I started with the wan connection dropping out every couple of minute with the firmware 1.0.12 and was advised to upgrade to the latest firmware which I did (now 1.1.21). Now after rebooting multiple times the link lights come back on but NO WAN connection.I have 100Mps down and 15Mps up speed via a Motorola SBV6220 Cable modem DOCSIS 3.0. I upgraded to the SA540 from my version 1 WRVS4400N and thought I was going to get some better and more reliable performance. I am waiting for the Cisco Engineer to email me the CASE # and RMA info because their system was down!!!!!   How am I supposed to feel if a brand new product fails and the customer support cannot issue the needed info because they do not have the info available to them to help trouble shoot the problem and then find out that their own equipment is not up and functioning?

Leaves me with a lot of questions and a very uneasy feeling!

Best Regards;


Could you post the case number when you get it?  I will look at the case and see if they are processing the RMA appropriately.

We do have an issue with the WAN port and DMZ LED behavior in 1.1.21.  The LED's don't come on until layer 3 is up.  But, I am not sure if that is the problem you are having or not. 

For your WAN connection, are you running PPPoE?

Hi Steve;

The case number is; 613889893 and was provided by Doug Roubaud on 03/14/10 11:pm est.

I have Cable and do not use PPPoe.

Brenda Rogers provided me today with RMA 83217573 and told me I would be receiving the replacement tommorrow 03/17/10.

By the sounds of it I am not expecting it to be working when I connect it again??

I am hoping that this unit will handle the 100 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up speed once it gets working.

Best Regards;


I haven't heard of this problem outside of PPPoE.  The 15mb/100mb shouldn't be a problem either for this box.  You could have a faulty WAN port.  Let me know if the new box doesn't fix this issue.